How to get Raccoons Out of the Attic

Once a raccoon finds its way into the attic, you really have a problem, because in most cases this is pregnant female raccoon that is searching for a nesting place, where she can give birth to her babies and raise them. In this case, it will most likely torn lots of stuff throughout the attic to make itself comfortable-and her babies as well- and this will last for months. Even when youngsters grow up, there is no safety that they will leave for good. Alabama raccoons are creatures of habit and mother will probably come back to her "safe home" when she gets pregnant again. Additionally, one or all of youngsters will also remember their safe home while growing up-and might want to choose to return there to start their family. Basically, you need to get them out yourself, as they will not leave on their own!

Types of solutions to get raccoons out of the attic There are different solutions to get Birmingham raccoons out of home. There are repellents, poison and several types of traps. Repellents are chemicals and sounds that in most cases don't work. Classic repellents include ammonia, moth balls, bleach, and sounds include high pitched noise that is supposed to irritate raccoons. Basically, all repellents are made with the premise that Alabama raccoons will feel uncomfortable in such surrounding and will leave. However, attics are generally large enough so raccoon will just transfer to another part of attic-where there is no irritating sound or chemical.

When it comes to poison, first of all, it has to be said that there is no legally registered poison for Birmingham raccoons. And anyway, who would want to poison animal on his attic? Poisoned animal will die in the attic and decompose, leaving behind terrible smell that will be present everywhere in the house and will take long time to leave. Even more terrible (and which is very likely scenario) is that poisoned raccoon will be mother of babies, who will be left alone and will starve to death, crying along of hunger. They they will also decompose, adding more ugly smell to your entire Alabama home. We are sure that you don't want this to happen in your home.

Third type of solution for getting the Birmingham raccoons from your attic are traps. There are several different traps and they are more successful in getting raccoons of your attic than any of previously mentioned solutions.

There are three basic models of traps:
• body grip traps
• paw hold traps
• live traps

Body grip traps are deadly traps that have a strong spring which will activate when animal steps on it, choking it or crushing to death. Paw hold traps hold animal's paw and function similarly as body grip traps. Live cage traps are most often used, because they catch Birmingham animals in them, keeping it alive and unharmed.

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